This story begins with the silk cocoon

The silkworm needs merely six weeks to complete its development.After secreting its silk and building its cocoon,it withdraws from the scene.
Then ,human beings take over to show their abilities.
Skilled hands,working with utmost care and patience,turn raw silk info fibers.
Leaving the loom,silk is passed over to craftsmen
Who give it new is bursaipegi  silkprinting workshop
Where silk finally meets the world of impeccable colours and motifs ;

C:\Users\ÇELİKLER\Desktop\İZNİK ÇİNİ-SERAMİK\kenAR BEYAZ.jpgThis story links the past with the present

‘’ Bursa ipegi art collection’’ items,reflecting the splendid art treasures of the Ottoman and Anatolian culturel heritage are prepared in BURSA İPEGİ studio in Türkiye.
Ottoman Works of art,especially those dating
From the era of Süleyman the Magnificent,the desings of Iznik ceramics and Anatolian yazma block-print motifs provide the main source  of inspiration for Bursaipegi designers.

These unique masterpieces of the past are re-interpreted and turned into a contemporary line of fashion.


This story continues with fashion.

At last,the silk reflections of the Ottoman and Anatolian art are ready to reach you as scarves, foulard, shawls, ties and upholstery.
They amount to a collection enlarged each year with new additions.İt is a collection highyly acclaimed all over the world for its original colours and designs since it was first launched.
And it bears the signature of a leading fashion house – that of  Bursaipegi.

( when we are producing our products. 100% HAND MADE & 100% BURSA SILK )
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